Aloha mai kākou,

E komo mai (welcome) to my blog. Kumu is the Hawaiian term for teacher. Aʻo (Teaching) is my passion, because it provides me with the opportunity to thrive as a perpetual lifelong learner. Aʻo (learning) is a personal journey, experienced uniquely by each individual. Learning in community with others is equally as important for the learning huakaʻi (journey), particularly for Hawaiian ways of knowing. More importantly, I have the opportunity to teach aspiring kumu how aʻo can be their professional vehicle to empower and touch an infinite number of lives.

“Teach to Reach Me” is my vision statement which fuels and focuses my passion for education that is inclusive. Every student looks to their kumu for direction and insight. Therefore, a true kumu teaches to empower the intrinsic potential in each and every haumāna (student). “Me” reminds me that each student has unique qualities with an individual identity.”Reach” is the process of touching the life of every “me” positively and profoundly. Teach to Reach Me promotes inclusive education. Inclusive education brings aloha into every teaching and learning experience, where every haumāna feels experiences a feeling of belonging and total well-being.

Mahalo nū nui for your interest!
Kumu Gloria Niles